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Cost Per One Thousand Impressions (CPM)

Mobile LED billboard advertising is more "COST EFFECTIVE" and has a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) than network television, cable TV advertising, magazines, newspaper ads, radio advertising, static billboards or mass transit bus vehicle wraps.


$26 - $27 DIRECT MAIL

$4 - $27 INTERNET

$6 - $26 TELEVISION 

$17 - $22 NEWSPAPER

$8 - $20 MAGAZINES

$10 - $16 AM/FM RADIO



$0.25 - $0.50 *Billboard Limos


Find Out More: Nielsen Digital Billboards Study.

The Numbers Don't Lie! See the Numbers for Yourself!

Mobile Billboard Advertising Stats:

  • Mobile Advertising generates double the attention of a static billboard!
  • Mobile advertising has an unlimited impact, especially due to protective sign codes, limiting additional static outdoor advertising.
  • 27% of the heaviest commuters do not read a newspaper and 74% of super commuters dont watch television news either. Also with Tivo and DVR’s people are no longer watching commercials.
  • The Average round trip commute in America is 54 minutes, and time spent viewing Mobile Outdoor advertising increases every day.
  • Outdoor and point of sale is expected to grow 20% year to year.
  • New Ads get over 100,000 views in a single hour.
  • Our Mobile Billboards get more attention/views than a Prime Time Lakers Game! Its Just Missing your advertisement!

Media Comparison by Advertising outlet

Stationary Outdoor
This is probably the oldest advertising medium in the world – it’s been around ever since someone put up the first sign. Mobile billboard advertising is 4.3 times more effective than static billboards – Capital Communication Corp.

Broadcast Television
Good for broadcasting a message, however most local companies do not need the regional coverage provided by the broadcast station.

Cable TV
Does not provide the reach needed to become effective. Technology now allows us to avoid commercials with the use of recording devices.
Average CPM Across America

Magazines and Newspapers
Print media is quickly becoming the “biggest loser” in the advertising industry. Readership is on the decline, while rates increase.

Yellow Pages
Yellow page advertising is no longer a necessity, nor the way of the future but a place of reference.

Easily tuned out, once effective, however satellite radio, MP3, and portable listening devices are all cutting into radio’s ability to reach large audiences.

Did you know that the average American is exposed to over 3000 advertisements per day? When you compare mobile billboards to any other medium the cost savings are extraordinary.

Mobile Billboards have a CPM of $1 – $2

CPM Comparison (Cost per Thousand Impressions)

Stationary Billboards – CPM: $3 – $4
70-80% of people drive to and from work and home each day following the same route, reaching the same customer base each day. The only way to reach more prospective customers is to buy multiple billboards.

Direct Mail – CPM: $26-$27
Junk Mail, Junk Mail, Junk Mail, where does it all go; well that is easy; most of it never makes it to the house, it gets thrown away.

Newspaper – CPM: $17- $22
National subscriptions are going down and yet rates are on the rise. No longer is the newspaper the preferred form of media. New and innovative media is the way of the future.

Internet – CPM: $4 – $27
A 21st century necessity. Get a website, drive people to your website. No matter what media your are buying, you need this as a media base.

Television – CPM: $6 – $26
ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Cable TV. Pay-per-view, and the rapidly growing satellite industry are all affecting the amount of time we watch a particular channel. Channel loyalty is gone. So what station do I advertise on, how much do I spend? Television reaches the masses, but you pay for it.

Radio – CPM: $10 – $16
In your market, there are at least 30 radio stations to choose from. Which one do you choose, which station targets your customer? Radio can be effective, yet you need to buy at least three stations at the same time to work and when combined with mobile billboards the results are even better.

Magazines – CPM: $8 – $20
In the U.S. alone, the Magazine Publishing Association lists over 14,700 different magazines. Readership is down nearly 14%.

When you compare mobile billboards and 3D display advertising to any other medium the cost savings and benefits are no match.

Source: Outdoor Advertising Agency Of America

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