Advertisers Pay 50% of Your Limo Transportation Costs & Vice Versa. Everyone Wins!

Your Ads Are Always Seen, Because We're Always On-the-Scene!


We Offer 2 Different Services That Offset Each-Others Costs:

For Everyone, We Offer Transportation in Classic Black Lincoln Town Car Limousines, SUV Limos, Mercedes-Benz Limo-Vans, and Limo-Buses for Less-than 50% of what Most Other Companies Charge for the Same Old Transportation Services! But In-fact, We Are Not like the Rest, "We Are The Best, That's Why We Stand Out Above The Rest."

Interior Limo Bus

That's Right, We Will Save Everyone an Average of 50% or More when Compared to what Most Other Companies Charge for the Same Limo Transportation Services!

How we do this is by Offsetting the Limo Rental Cost with Advertisers on LED Billboards on the Limos.

And That's a Great Thing for Outdoor Advertising Because We Are Always Going to HUGE Events Like; Concerts, Outdoor Music Festivals, Sporting Events, Expos, Etc. With an Expected Attendance of 10,000 to 100,000 or More!

So STOP Paying Full Price for the Same Old Services!

Call Billboard Limos and Start Saving $$$$$ Now!

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For Businesses, We Offer a Very Unique Opportunity to Advertise Their Products and/or Services On 3 HUGE Mobil LED Billboards Simultaneously On-top of Our Limos & On the Side & Rear of Limo-Buses, for 50% or Less-then what Most Other Companies Charge, and theirs is Not-even On a Limo!


That's Right, We Save Businesses an Average of 50% or More when Compared to what Most Other Mobil LED Billboard Outdoor Advertising Companies are Charging for a Inferior Service.


How we do this is by Offsetting the Advertising Cost with the Rental Limo Transportation Service.

What the Other Guys have to offer is Not Really Even a Fair Comparison, Because We Give You So Much More:

Your Ad Will Run On 3 HUGE LED Mobil Billboards at the Same Time for a 360` Degree View, 24 Hour a Day, 365 Days a Year! More Views = More Impressions!

We are *The First & Only* Mobil LED Billboard Advertiser that has Placed Digital Billboards on the Top of Limousines, SUV Limos, and on the Sides & Back of Limo Vans & Limo Buses.

So STOP Wasting Your Advertising $$$$$ and Switch to Billboard Limos Now!

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